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Workshop with Grandmaster Wei Lun Huang: Pushing Hands


Study with Grandmaster Wei Lun Huang, renowned teacher, who will advise and give drills to practice and improve your skills and harness your internal energy.


The Yin Yang concept in Tai Chi is simple but vivid and accurately demonstrates the flow of universal energy. Once this is grasped in Internal Body Work, enlightenment can be achieved.


We will apply this concept to all we do, and focus on the visible body and unseen energy flow to see how it connects through your practice and you can see how it works through your practice.


Sifu Dennis Dereje hosts: Master Wei Lun Huang – A traditional teacher and lifetime student of Tai Chi and the traditional internal martial arts. He is highly regarded for his energy work teaching and for the powerful and explosive quality of martial arts for those who seek a higher level of training.  For more information, you can visit:


Bring water, a towel and wear baggy, comfortable clothing.


$150 for Non-Members $120 for Academy Members $100 for Half-Day Attendance

July 30, 2014 | Events | 0

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