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Hao Lianru, also known as Hao the Great, was from Yantai Muping Lai Mountain district.   In modern times of Yantai Shandong province he has carried the reputation of being one of the three main mantis boxing schools known as Plum Blossom Mantis Boxing (梅花螳螂拳 meihua tanglang quan). Hao Lianru was extremely skillful in martial arts. He was known as Magnificent/Spirited/Lively Spear Hao because of his outstanding extraordinary skills while competing in a martial arts competition in Beijing. He received the authentic traditions of mantis boxing from Liang Xuexiang.  Hao Lianru added to Supreme Ultimate Plum Blossom Mantis Boxing (one of the three main mantis boxing schools) forms, weapons, partner practice techniques, and the execution of theory to arrange the system, complementing Supreme Ultimate Plum Blossom Mantis Boxing theory and boxing manuals, causing him to attain a high state of perfection.

His sons Hao Hengyi, Hao Henglu, Hao Hengchang, Hao Hengxin, Hao Hengpo, and Hao Hengxiang studied entirely with their father and were known as the Hao Family 6 powerful-men with exquisite martial art achievements.

The descendants of the Hao Family brothers are numerous and spread all over the world. The Hao family gained influence internationally and it’s proudly offered here in Miami at Addis Kung Fu Academy.