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Chen Pan Ling Traditional Martial Arts: Tai Chi Sword & Sifu’s Going Away Party (JAPAN 2014)

- Sifu Dennis Dereje will be leading a Chen Pan Ling Seminar – THIS SUNDAY!

Donate to Sifu and Addis Kung Fu Academy for a special invitation to a private seminar upon

Sifu Dennis’ return from Japan.

Suggested donations of $100 or more from Students for Seminar, and $125 for Seminar and donations for non-students.

Sifu Dennis Dereje will be teaching an intense, Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi Sword seminar on Sunday, March 16. This is a great seminar for seasoned students and for those who have used staff or weapons in the past and want to deepen their skills and practice. Sifu will also be saying goodbye to his students for a couple of weeks as he travels to Japan with Simo and Si Jei and Si Mei.


We will be celebrating with Ethiopian food and beverages will be available. We hope to see you soon! We suggest a donation of $25┬áincluded in the fee for this special seminar. Those who participate in this day’s event will be invited to attend an invitation-only wor kshop we are holding upon Sifu’s return. If you are inclined to support Sifu and the continuing education of the school — please donate more than the suggested amount.

Date: This Sunday March 23, 2014


Time: 10am – 2pm


Location: Addis Kung Fu Academy



Student Fee + Suggested Donation: $100


Non-Student Fee + Suggested Donation: $125

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